March 14, 2017

Why respected kindergarten teacher, Carrol Selph said “Take me to Wadley!”

Carrol Selph is a well respected kindergarten teacher, loving wife and mother, and a devoted grandmother. She can now add to her list of accomplishments … a heart attack survivor. After experiencing chest pain that moved to her shoulder blade and own her right arm, Carrol was convinced by the school nurse to go the emergency room. Carrol said, “Take me to Wadley.” Dr. Kevin Formes was consulted and performed a cardiac cath and inserted a stent to open her artery. And the rest is history.

“I take my medication, eat healthy, exercise and am thankful for every day,” says Carrol. “Having a heart attack is a bad thing, but I can say the entire Wadley experience was positive. From the ER to the cath lab to critical care to cardiac rehab, I am grateful for the compassionate and experienced staff that cared for me!”